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Senior Show 2016: Make Your Mark

To really see my work come together at the gallery was a surreal experience. Just seeing it on the wall really makes my past four years of work come to life. What I saw in my body of work was my entire college career. With each project, and promotional item, my progression from start to finish is huge. To see my signature in vinyl was really the icing on the cake. I have never pictured seeing this kind of work come from me four years ago. Even with looking at my promos, who know that using type as a logo can be so significant. kd really became iconic feature of my showing.

As I was putting together the final pieces for the show, I had realized that everything really was coming to a close. This really was the final moment in putting together the pieces before presenting to an employer. Each pieces has it’s own personal story to how it will effect future projects. With each logo, identity, package, poster, and book design, I wanted to present a bit of everything to prove myself and the viewer that any type of design is possible. I didn’t want to focus on what type of project, I wanted to present a variety of ideas for the show, and eventually the employer. I’m truly proud of the hard work from where I started, to how it’s finally presented in the gallery.

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Branding Process 3/22/16


Here is my process so far the Branding Project for JP’s Auto Detailing. I tried coming up with different meanings to design basic logos. Some of the ideas include the nozzle of a spray bottle, the stitching, the term “spotless” or even tires, tracks, headlights, and water droplets. I was gonna come up with more, but I wanted these to be viewed to make sure I’m on the right track.

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Travel Poster 3/22/16

Maori Final March 22Here is the final look for the Maori Culture Poster for the Travel Competition. Not much was changed from the previous critique, except for reducing the complexity of the background to emphasize the look of the mask. I also changed a few colors around to let the composition come together as a whole. My ideas have changed from the start, but Daryl was the one who helped me realize that it wasn’t the mask that was uninviting, it was the background the could be brighter and more interactive. With that in mind, I changed things around drastically, and everything was designed in the pen tool. The end result is a HUGE improvement from when I started. I’m very happy with the final product.